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Laborers Local 1140

Laborers Local 1140

Business Manager: Sam Renshaw

5626 Sorensen Pkwy

Omaha, NE 68152


4625 Y Street

Lincoln, NE 68503


About Laborers Local 1140

Laborers Local #1140 is an affiliate of the Laborers International Union of North America representing construction workers, service contract workers, printing companies, hospital workers, and many other trades.

Our jurisdiction encompasses the entire State of Nebraska and 11 counties in southwestern Iowa.

We have a long, extensive, and proud history of representing our membership, contractors, and community. Everyday people depend on the work of Laborers Local #1140. We have built some of the biggest and most beautiful buildings in our community, including the roads we drive on, parks our families play at, schools our children learn at, or any of the thousands of other projects we work on.

Our members and contractors are not only proud to build, but to build a better Nebraska and Iowa.