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1939 Peoria Labor Day Parade – Laborers Local 165

Over a Century

In the 21st century LIUNA has led the way for trade unions in its commitment to growth and member activism.

In 2001, delegates elected Terry O’Sullivan, General President and Armand E. Sabitoni General Secretary-Treasurer. At subsequent conventions through 2021, delegates re-elected both to office.

Brent Booker was elected as LIUNA’s General President effective May 1, 2023 following the retirement of Terry O’Sullivan. Also, effective May 1, 2023, Michael F. Sabitoni was elected General Secretary-Treasurer following Armand E. Sabitoni’s retirement. 

LIUNA spearheaded the opening of its first construction charter school for high school students in 2003. The New England Laborers’/Cranston Public Schools Construction and Career Academy teaches students about the construction industry, opens the door to job opportunities upon graduation and has won praise from the community and the construction industry.

When the deadly attack on the World Trade Center occurred on September 11, 2001, LIUNA members were first on the scene to help the rescue and recovery efforts and then later in the re-building of what would be known as Freedom Tower.

At LIUNA’s 2006 Convention, LIUNA made a historic commitment to help more workers join the union with the passage of resolutions that would raise more than $100 million a year for organizing – more than any construction union and more than virtually any union in North America.

At the 2011 LIUNA Convention, LIUNA followed up on the historic commitment to organizing by passing resolutions to invest in political and member activism through the LIUNA PAC and resolutions to enhance member communications and engagement.

District Council Charters

Charter as "Great Plains Laborers' District Council"
Charter as "North Central IL Laborers' District Council"
1966 Charter Letter
Charter as "North Central Illinois Laborers' District Council"
1965 Charter Letter
Charter as "Iowa Laborers' District Council"

Locals Charters

Jul 14, 1913
Local 165

Business Manager:
Matt Bartolo

Prior Business Managers:
Timothy Schmidgall
Charlie Shempf, Jr
Duane Demmin
Bill Bowden
Mike LaHood
Mel Hasty
Frank Perrilles
Milton Hasty
Robert Woods
Charley Borden
Ed Trunk

Feb 3, 1915
Local 177

Business Manager:
Brad Gezel

Prior Business Managers:
Mike Weckman
Kenny Gwinn
Lenny Leo
Fred Risus
Ron Kingery
Roy Snyder

Feb 26, 1917
Local 32

Business Manager:
Fortunato Salamone

Prior Business Managers:
Dominic Castanza
Tom DalSanto
Frank Hovar
Ralph Servanties

Mar 25 1919
Local 362

Business Manager:
Ron Paul

Prior Business Managers:
Eric Penn
Tony Penn
David Penn
John Penn
Don Penn
Harry Ayers
Paul Penn
Jim Bassinger

> Centennial Story

Feb. 6, 1928
Local 751

Business Manager:
Chris Kime

Prior Business Managers:
Troy Dart
Steve Pfingston
Mike Smith
Bill VanBunker
Sam Pasatoni

Jan 19, 1933
Local 393

Business Manager:
Kevin Dale

Prior Business Managers:
Todd Stehl
David Raikes
John Knudson
Mike Vicich
John Brando
Charlie Raikes

June 19, 1933
Local 43

Business Manager:
Danny Hemminger

Prior Business Managers:
Randy Rayner
Chuck Chila
Michael Brecht
Hammon Hasson
Tom Lytle
Robert Sullivan
Hoover Hubbard

Aug 15, 1933
Local 231

Business Manager:
Steven Schroeder

Prior Business Managers:
Bob Schroeder
Randy Drury
Steve Evans
Russ Erbaugh
John Evans
Don Ziegenbien
Fritz Wool
Dave Morris
Clarence Dolan

May 9, 1935
Local 538

Business Manager:
Michael Tuthill

Prior Business Managers:
Howard Parmenter
Bill Hillyer

Oct 24,1935
Local 309

Business Manager:
Brad Long

Prior Business Managers:
Dan Adams
Jim DeDecker
George Day

Sep 23, 1936
Local 727

Business Manager:
Jamie Lawson

Prior Business Managers:
Ken Diehl
James Lawson, Sr.
Harry Collier
Warren Planhavor
Al Slover

Apr 22, 1937
Local 996

Business Manager:
Ronald Ellis

Prior Business Managers:
Bill Bolliger
Dave McBride
David Eric Menssen

Aug 2, 1939
Local 1140

Business Manager:
Sam Renshaw

Prior Business Managers:
Ronald Kaminski
Thomas Merksick
Edward Heavican
Norman Sunderman
Henry F. Schaefer
Leonard J. Schaefer
Henry Schaefer

Sep 10, 2007
Local 620

Business Manager:
Pete Bardeson